Still Using Q-tips? This New Device Is the Best Way to Clean Your Ears…

06/12/2021 | Floyd Gordon

SUMMARY: So many people neglect their ear hygiene, and yet so many more actually think they’re keeping them clean, when they are in fact just making it worse. A group of Polish Engineers saw this problem and tackled it in the only way they know how. And the result? An ear cleaning device that is nothing short of revolutionary that is already making headlines across the continent. You can now Get Your Visual CleanX 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Do you hate earwax? Do your ears keep ringing despite how hard you work at cleaning them? have you gone through a million different types, shapes and sizes of Q-tips that promise to clean your ears of wax and instead only shove it deeper inside?! Well then, you can throw all of those away (or recycle if they’re plastic) because this new device will solve all your problems.

 You can be honest with us. We know you probably haven’t cleaned your ears in years. You’re probably scared (or perhaps curious?) to shove a Q-tip in there to see the damage.

Or maybe you’re one of the responsible ones that do regularly clean them. You probably know that feeling, you shoved the Q-tip a bit too far in, accidently touched something very tender. Your ear hurts. It’s ringing. But your ear is probably clean now. Probably…

And this is the problem. You don’t really know if they’re clean. And if we can tell you a little professional secret without disturbing the clean-freaks… they’re not…

But now there’s hope, and it’s coming straight to your doorstep.


The Sale’s Pitch:

They call it the Visual CleanX, the creation of a Polish startup that realized we were approaching ear cleaning the wrong way all this time. But what is it exactly these clever engineers figured out that massive hygiene companies didn’t?

A camera! So you can see what you’re touching and cleaning, all in real time, with specially designed cleaning tips for maximum safety and cleaning. It’s absolutely revolutionary. Not only can you actually clean your ears properly, you can also admire your handiwork in HD on your phone!

That’s what the box says, but does it actually work? Can you really see into the depths of your ear canal to find those pesky bits of wax your cotton swab keeps pushing in there? Read on to find out…


So We Handed It to Our Resident Ear-cleaning Obsessed Coworkers:

In short, they absolutely loved it. But let’s elaborate on that.

You’ve seen that trend in Japan of “ear cleaning” salons right? No? Well it basically takes a supposed “specialist” who shoves a camera into your ear and cleans it while you watch it on a big screen. With how ineffective Q-tips are, you’d see the sheer amount of gunk that gets left behind or gets shove deeper inside by your admirable attempts of doing it yourself on the live feed.

It used to be that such thorough ear cleanings would either cost you a hefty sum for the appointment, or a much, much bigger sum for the actual device they use.

The Polish engineers weren’t even aware these things existed, and by pure accident created a far more portable and much, much cheaper version, and to be honest, better version:

✅ Patented Technology – Visual CleanX supports HD live streaming over Wifi through the App. Six ultra-bright LEDs light up the entire ear canal, promoting perfect visibility and control.

✅ Long-lasting Battery Life – It has a built-in high capacity 120mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which does not require frequent charging. The battery can last up to one hour of cleaning.

1.3MP HD Camera allowing you to see what you’re doing in your ear and make sure you’re not damaging your precious eardrum.

✅ 4 Types of Scrubber and Cleaner Heads to remove of any type of earwax, from the toughest to the stickiest.

Water Proof, so no need to worry if your ears are wet right out of the shower.

Smart Temperature Chip to prevent the device from overheating inside your ear.

Multifunctional Use. Don’t just use it for your ears. You can see into your nose, a close up of your hair and the parts of the head you just can’t see or any other part of your body you can’t normally get a good look at!

Honestly the Visual CleanX made us feel like kids again playing surgeon with a cool toy. Except it’s not just play, we’re actually doing something beneficial to our body with it.

And since it’s washable and re-usable, we could feel doubly pleased at not polluting the environment with the endless stacks of used plastic Q-tips. Did we say it was revolutionary yet?

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the Visual CleanX:

“OMG I always kept my ears so clean I could not believe how gunk was still in there if I didn’t literally have a camera in there showing me. I honestly thought I was taking such good care of them before. What’s the next technological jump? Tiny robots cleaning for you? Love this ear cleaner.”

“I’m writing this review because I actually do ear cleanings in my salon professionally, but the gear needed for it was always too expensive and bulky for home use, which is why the moment I saw this product I ordered it and tried it and I can tell you, it’s just as good as the ‘professional’ one I spent so much money on before.”

“I actually didn’t even buy it for the ears, I needed some way of more effectively seeing my scalp and where the balding patches and other trouble spots are so I could apply ointments and medicine more effectively. Amazing and truly multipurpose device. Highly recommended.”


How Much Does the Visual CleanX Cost?

Alright it all sounds amazing, you say, but how much will it cost the average Joe like me? How much will I need to shill out to be able to see how dirty my ears are and do something about it? It’s gonna be a lot isn’t it? Well actually… the regular retail price of the Visual CleanX is a mere $ 134. Which is still cheaper than going to have them “Professionally cleaned”. But it gets better.

The Polish startup decided they needed to make some noise and so have the global launch of the Visual CleanX come with a massive 50% discount and free international shipping! You can now get your Visual CleanX for just $ 67. Even those aforementioned ear cleaning salons are preferring to get these!

The entire office has already ordered one of these. Whether for ears, noses or any other parts, this is an amazing piece of tech. We’re telling you, this is the future. It’s here now. You get to have clean ears, pollute less and an absolutely amazing sale on top of it. We couldn’t ask for more. 

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Conclusion: Should You Get the Visual CleanX?

You skipped right to this part didn’t you? It’s alright, we forgive you. And yes. 100%. If you want your ears to be the cleanest they’ve ever been, and literally see it with your own eyes, the Visual CleanX will deliver on everything it promises. Don’t miss the amazing sale either! Get it quick before it ends!


  • Easy to Use
  • High Definition Camera to See What You’re Doing
  • Temperature Chip for Maximum Safety
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Different Tips for Different Wax Types
  • Water Proof


  • Only Available From The Supplier’s Website


How to Get the Visual CleanX?

Now that you’re aware such amazing technology is available for your own bathroom, you must be itching to try it, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original Visual CleanX from the official website here
  2. Throw away all your Q-tips and other ear cleaners because you won’t be needing them again
  3. Watch your ears get cleaner than they have ever been. 

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